Take Control of Your Digital Identity

The first step in building any digital marketing plan is having a solid understanding of what people are seeing about your business online and where they are finding this information. You can't build a plan to grow, expand, or change your digital identity if you don't know where you are starting from. Our Digital Footprint Analysis is a great way to start this process.

Your Digital Footprint is made up of several key components and it starts where many people begin the process of finding your business - searches. Have you ever done a search for your business online and seen a bunch of directory data that was no longer accurate? Incomplete and outdated information is a common issue with many online directories. Businesses with a long history may see old phone numbers, addresses, website addresses or a variety of other contact information. Newer businesses may simply not see any information showing up about them. The Listing Search compares specific data about your business to a variety of popular listing sites including major search engines and social media business directories. The analysis will give you an idea of how many directories have inaccurate information or simply have no information about your business.

Next the Digital Footprint Analysis looks at your reputation. The Analysis looks at a variety of reputation and review sites and shows you a quick snapshot of your average score, number of reviews and frequency of reviews. This is a great way to understand how your reputation is displayed online.

Social Performance is the next section of the analysis. The Analysis searches for your business's website on business pages and social accounts to identify your social accounts. If it can't find the web address, it may not find the account. Looking specifically at Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Foursquare, and LinkedIn, the analysis will tell you some information about your social audience. The number of likes/followers etc. and some information about how often this audience engages with your social content.

Last but not least, the Analysis takes a look at your website. It looks for how easy it is to locate specific information and evaluates how it appears to mobile visitors, and its page size which impacts the user experience when they load your front page.

Don’t Worry! You Aren’t Alone!

The report starts to populate in a bout 15 minutes but It takes about 24 hours to generate the full report. So we will be able to share your results with you pretty quickly. Once the report has processed you will receive an email inviting you to claim your business in our customer portal. But have no fear. We aren't just going to toss a report at you without explaining what everything means. Shortly after the report has generated, someone will reach out to set up a time to go over the results with you and to discuss the implications and what they mean for your business.

This isn't a big sales push. The Digital Footprint Analysis is simply intended to start the conversation about what is going on with your business online. If you don't understand this information there is no way you can make an informed decision as to what you should be doing. A better informed business is good for everybody in the long run.