What Fuels Your Business

It wasn’t that long ago when media companies were content with digital revenue being 5 percent of total revenue.  But those days are behind us.  For media companies with a true eye towards the long term, digital should be accounting for 20 percent or more of digital revenue.  Digital isn’t just about revenue however, it should also be responsible for improvements to processes and workflow whose efficiencies help create a lower cost of operations.

With 14+ years in the media industry, 10+ on the digital side, the chances are pretty good that the solutions are out there to the digital problems your media company is facing. Digital revenue, audience development, ad management, CMS/hosting, website template design, production and content workflows, system installs, digital strategy – I have helped more than 100 media websites, newsrooms, and ad sales teams succeed online. How can we put this experience to use to benefit your organization?  Contact MS Digital Solutions today.