Every marketing campaign has 3 question it must answer for the customer.  I’ve always referred to them as the 3 Whys.  1) Why This, 2) Why Me, and 3) Why Now.  Luckily, not every message has to address all three.  But every campaign should.

“Why This” is pretty straight forward. What are the attributes of this product that make me want to buy it?  Really it’s short for asking “Why this product as opposed to that product.”

“Why Me” is equally direct.  What are the needs I have that this product meets for me?

“Why Now” is easy to understand but probably one of the hardest to answer.  Why should I make this purchase decision now.

Answering these questions with your Digital Marketing


All too often, I see websites that really focus heavily on “Why This” but do a poor job of addressing the other two.  Or are so focused on pricing gimmicks or other sales efforts aimed at making the sale “NOW” that they haven’t helped the consumer through the other two questions.

Communicate to your website visitors in terms of the needs your product or service meet.  Remember it isn’t about you, your product, or your service.  The customers are self-interested.  So address their WIIFM (What’s in it for me).  Make sure there is a destination on your site that addresses each of the questions.


It’s becoming increasingly easier to segment your email audience.  So it isn’t necessary to shovel the same message down the throats of everybody on your mailing list.  If you were standing face to face with a previous customer, would you communicate with them the same way you would a prospect you’ve never had contact with?

Email is one of the areas where it is important to address each of the Whys in separate communications.  Build drip campaigns that move the reader through each of the why in a timely manner.  Don’t try to confuse the message by putting a little of everything in to a single message.

Social Media

Similar to Email, Social Media is a communication form where you don’t want to muddy the water in your message by trying to appeal to everybody in each message. Be creative but be straight to the point.  You don’t have a lot of space/time so focus on one message and let it connect with those that are ready to connect with it.

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