One of these days I’ll learn to stop poking around the internet, looking for new things to try out and new things to learn. But not today. I mean, a little curiosity and digital adventuring could almost be called a professional necessity. With a little more time on my hands these days due to all of the stay at home orders, it could be dangerous.

Anyway today, as I was poking around the internet, looking at random technologies and figuring out ways that I could utilize it for my clients, I came across a little wheel randomizer. Spin the wheel see what you get…

So, for all of those BLU members that just can’t figure out who to have a 1-on-1 with next, I present to you, first ever (and probably the last) BLU 1-on-1 Generator. Just click the wheel and it will present you with a random BLU member to have 1-on-1 with.

Enjoy – and get your Zoom on – until we can all meet again face to face.

The BLU Automated 1-on-1 Generator