As a follow up to my post from last week on Google’s recent changes, “Do you need a mobile presence“, I figured I would help you figure out if your site is mobile friendly.  Google has put together a handy little tool – its Mobile Friendly Test which can be found on its Developers site.  Google Webmaster tools also has tools that will allow you to search through your entire site.

The Mobile Friendly Test will evaluate a variety of factors such as page elements – are there content elements wider than the screen.  Are the links to close together for easy navigation.

One often overlooked factor is what information is being blocked from the Googlebot.  The bot wants to see how your page looks to the average user.  The importance you place from a design standpoint on elements indicates how important that information is and factors in to the search algorithms.  So it looks at everything from your stylesheets to your Javascripts.  The test looks at how your robots.txt file is being used.  If you are blocking so many resources from the bot that it doesn’t think it can accurately display the page, this could also hinder your “Friendly” score.

More information on how Google handled blocked content can be found here.

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