An MS Digital Solutions SEO Audit or Site Audit is an in-depth look into the core of your digital footprint. Your website should play an important role in your business. But it’s success in that role depends on many factors both on and off of your site.  Our site audit looks at the most important aspects SEO and audience engagement.  From server performance and site configuration to content we will look at the on-site factors that inluence  your prospects and client’s experience on your website and how they find your site. The audit will also look at external factors such as reviews, citation, and your Google and Bing business profiles.

Starting the SEO / Site Audit

The first step in any Remediation Plan is figuring out where the site stands today.  We use an SEO Audit to look at site content and structure.  Additional reports pull in information about off-site influences like citation and reviews.  Then we get into the weeds and pull performance reports for the site that look far beyond just mobile friendlyness.  We look at advanced metrics on just how fast your site is loading and what factors are holding it back.

The Reports

Our reporting process looks pulls together an unbelievable amount of details on all of the topics mentioned above. We use this to help understand why you show up where you are currently showing up in search engine results and why your site performs the way that it does.  If you have configured your site for access with Google Search Console, we can use the results here to further dial in where you stand.

Each site audit produces a ton of information.  When we review the results with you we will skim through the most important aspects that stand out.  But if you want more details, they are always avaialble.


Each audit comes with a series of potential next steps geared towards addressing the issues highlighted within the audit.  We will attempt to provide you with an assessment of prioritization for these next steps as well as an indication of how much technical prowess is necessary for each step.  This should allow you to decide what pieces you feel comfortable undertaking and which you would like us to handle for you.

The site audit is an investment of $250 in your business.  When you engage MS Digital Solutions to clean up and fix any problems that we discover, this cost is deducted from the remediation plan.

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