The first step in any SEO Remediation plan is figuring out where you stand and a SEO Audit is the tool that MS Digital Solutions uses to drop that particular pin on the map.  While there are more than 2000 factors that play a role in Search Engine algorithms, most of these are beyond the website owner’s control or play such a small role as to really not be worth focusing on.  Our process focuses on elements that are within your control to influence and can have a meaningful impact on your position in search engine results.

On-Page Signals

  • Page structure
  • Content Structure
  • Link structures
  • Site Localization for local search
  • Page speed
  • Mobile friendliness


  • Content Choices – wording
  • Cornerstone content
  • Content Freshness

Off-site Signals

  • Directory citation
  • Reputation
  • In-bound links

Our reporting process looks at all of this to help understand why you show up where you are currently showing up in search engine results.  If you have configured your site for access with Google Search Console, we can use the results here to further dial in where you stand.

Each audit comes with a series of potential next steps geared towards addressing the issues highlighted within the audit.  We will attempt to provide you with an assessment prioritization for these next steps as well as an indication of how much technical prowess is necessary for each step.  This should allow you to decide what pieces you feel comfortable undertaking and which you would like us to handle for you.

SEO Audits start at $250 for most average sized sites.

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