Once you have had an SEO Audit and you know what it is you need to work on, the next step is actually getting the work done.  MS Digital Solutions can help you with all aspects of SEO Remediation.

On Page Structure

SEO really boils down to not making search engines guess or make assumptions about what is important on your pages.  When Google has to guess, you normally won’t like the results.  So it is important that all of the content on your site is presented in the way that search engines are looking for.


Good, engaging content is still a key component to any website.  You can make something that search engines love, but if a person shows up, lead there by the search engine and gets turned away, it does you no good.  Our years of experience in the media industry has opened up doors to a number of quality content developers that we can put to work creating great content for your website (and social media or email campaigns as well).

Off-site Signals

While quality inbound links are still an important part of SEO, a number of other factors come in to play on sites that you may or may not have any control over.

Directory Citation is an important aspect of Local SEO.  It is a big part of how search engines know to place your content in geographically specific searches.  Ever wonder how Google knows what content to show when somebody does a “… near me” search?  It’s because it knows where the content of the site is physically located.

Online Reputation is also growing in its impact on your search ranking.

MS Digital Solutions can help you manage all of these influences and more to help your website show up where you want it to in search results and on the terms you want to show up under.