Website Development

The Simple Site Solution

Not every business is looking for a complex, custom built website.  Some businesses just need a quick and simple business website that can provide credibility and an easy way for customers to get in touch.

Some businesses are looking for a site that simply showcases a specific product or service on its own domain.

Solo-preneurs and sales professionals in certain industries like insurance, mortgage, and finance are often looking for a presence that differentiates themself from their corporate identity and allows them to create their own brand.

If you are looking for a “Simple Site” this is the solution for you.

Why Choose This Solution

  • Easy to Manage: All the technical behind the scenes stuff is taken care of for you, all you have to worry about is sending us your logo, any specific photos or video you want to use, and explaining the product/service/brand to us.
  • Easy to Expand: We will build out your site.  If you want to add pages in the future, you are free to do so using the easy to use, and fully documented page-builder.  Or contact us and we can do it for you.
  • Completely Mobile Friendly: Your site is built on a premium WordPress development framework with an easy to use visual editor and thousands of layouts available – all of which are modern, responsive design, mobile friendly layouts that work on any device.
  • SEO Ready: The base templates follow many SEO best practices and your site comes pre-loaded with a great SEO plugin to help you make sure your are giving search engines the information they are looking for.
  • Ready to Engage Your Customers – the premium site builder come fully loaded with dozens of ready-to-use elements like email forms, opt-in forms, testimonials, maps, and more.

Our Process

  • We Build it – We activate the site in our hosting, add your logo, update site-wide colors, and activate the layouts you choose.
  • We Can Add the Content – after zoom session to get the details of your product/service/brand, we will customize the content for your site.  If there are specific images or videos your wish to use on the site, just share them to us.
  • Domain Activation – we handle this step for you if you provide access to your domain registrar account or we will provide simple instructions for you to do this yourself. We will also connect your site to Google Analytics and Google Search Console to speed up your customers finding you.
  • Hands-free – All the technical updates happen for you behind the scenes to keep your site safe and secure.