No two website development projects are the same.  Every business has different needs, different goals, and different marketing plans.  But the need for a solid website presence is pretty much universal across all businesses, from single person shops to multi-location franchises.

A Functional Approach to Website Development and Design

A website should support your overall marketing plan.  Whether it’s role is educational, transactional, support, or even a combination of these, it can be much more than flyer on the internet.  As the core piece of your digital footprint, it powers your position in search engines, its a platform for engagement and feedback, and it can be a platform to help your prospects  on the next steps on the road to be customers.  Whatever your goal is for your website, our goal is to make one that has the functionality to exceed those goals.

Every day, thousands of websites go live across the internet and around 60% of these use WordPress.  It is one of the best supported, most fully developed, and flexible Content Management System (CMS) out there and that is why it is our platform of choice for site builds.

Our Process

  • Needs Assessment – we start our needs assessment from perfect world scenario.  In a perfect world what are all of the ways you would wish to engage your customers online.
  • Prioritization – If budget was not a concern, this step wouldn’t be necessary, but int he real world, we all have budgets that means we look at the functionality of the perfect world and figure out where the happy medium is.  The nice thing is once a site is built, you can usually add a certain amount of functionality on later.
  • Plan Development – From the list of priorities you will be presented your options and we will build from the agreed upon plan
  • Visual Structure – Just because we take a functional approach doesn’t mean we don’t pay attention to form.  The site will look good, be engaging, and help drive the site visitors experience.
  • Content – Once the framework of the site is in place we work with our clients to produce content and shape its placement to best engage the reader
  • Tying it all together – Once everything is in place, then it is simply a matter of going back and make sure all content is optimized for search engines, page structures are optimized for search engines, and a solid cross-linking structure exists within the site.
  • Getting you on board – Our role doesn’t end with the build, we will take the site online, ensure it is connected to Google Analytics, and submit it to Google through Google Search Console.  We also train you and your staff on how to properly use your site.

Ongoing Support

MS Digital Solutions is always here, after the build, if you need help or assistance with your site.  We offer monthly support and maintenance packages for businesses that prefer to keep their websites at arms length.

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