Website Support and Maintenance

Couldn’t your Time be Put to Better Use? 

You didn’t go into business to spend your time supporting and maintaining a website or trying to keep up with the trends of digital marketing. You need a partner that will take this off of your hands so you and your team can focus on the things you do best.

Multiple Website Support Packages to Meet All Needs and Budgets

With more than 60% of websites going live every day, going live on WordPress, there’s a really good chance you have a WordPress website – even if you may not know it. There are a lot of moving parts and many small businesses simply don’t know that routine maintenance is just as necessary on a WordPress website as it is on a car.  But most small businesses don’t know the keys to maintaining a website or even have the time to do it.  That’s where MS Digital Solutions can help.

When it comes to business, change is inevitable. Your website should change right along with your business.  If you aren’t able to update and maintain your website, your business is missing out on opportunities and falling behind your competition.

Content isn’t the only thing that should change.  Over time, the technology behind websites change and should be updated. Routine maintenance help keep your website secure, your customers safe, and your message reaching your online audience.

Do you have a backup of your website available to if something goes wrong, your website can be back up and running quickly, even if it has to be on another host?

MS Digital Solutions provides a wide range of website support and Maintenance packages that protect you and your customers and make sure that what your customers see about you on the internet is what you want them to see..  With options starting as low as $70 per month.

All Support Plans include the following:

  • Managed updates of core WordPress files
  • Managed updates of Plugins
  • Managed updates of Themes
  • Advanced security and monitoring
  • Vulnerability monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Nightly backup for disaster recovery
  • Backup Recovery and Site Cleaning in the event of a breach – ALL necessary actions necessary to return your site to a live status in the event of  a breach or site failure.

    All support plans serve as a retainer and client is eligible for hourly support work not covered in the package at the current contract hourly rate


All websites on a support plan are eligible for hosting in our shared Managed VPS Environment at no additional charge (subject to storage and bandwidth limitations).  A dedicated VPS server can be made available for high traffic, high storage, sites and those with special security needs that necessitate not being on a shared environment.

All sites in the shared environment are on thier own separate firewalled Website Application. The number of sites on each VPS environment is strictly managed to preserve the best performance for all hosted sites.

Basic Support Plan

This plan is perfect for businesses that don’t want to worry about their website. It includes the following plan features:

  1. ALL updates of EXISTING page/post content – have a new employee and need to swap out a photo and some text on the Meet the Team page – no problem, we have you covered, just send us what you need updated and we will handle the rest.
  2. Cut-and-paste new post content on content sections with existing templates – we will handle limited content deployment of provided content that doesn’t require layout adjustments.
  3. ALL updates of EXISTING plugin/theme settings – need to have a form send emails to a different email, no problem, just send us the details and we will take care of it.
  4. ALL updates of EXISTING  stylesheets – want a headline style changed to be larger or a different color, no problem, describe what you need done and we will update it.
  5. Access to MSDS Library of plugins and theme licenses – if we carry a bulk, universal or unlimited license for a plugin or theme used on your site, you will not be charged a license renewal fee.  You are also eligible to have these plugins/themes utilized on your website without incurring additional licensing charges – installation / setup up fees will apply.  If we don’t carry the license, renewal and license fees will apply.


Advanced Support Plans

These plans are perfect for businesses that know that will have regular/routine changes and new content or functionality occuring on their site and needs a higher level of support.  Our advanced plans can include any or all of the following:

  1. Addition of NEW Pages, Posts, or Products – need to regularly add new services, blog posts, or products for your business, this plan is for you.
  2. Installation, integration, and configuration of NEW Plugins – Need your site to be connected to a new CRM or email marketing platform, or want to add some new functionality, most BASIC plugins are included.  ADVANCED integrations, custom coding, or plugins for eCommerce, LMS, IDX, Membership, affiliate programs, are NOT included.
  3. Content Development – don’t have time to create the content you need for your site, let us help you.  We can work on a “Do-it-FOR-You” or a “Do-it-WITH-You” basis.
  4. Content Deployment – content doesn’t just have to end at the website – we can help you extend the reach of your content to streaming services, podcasts, social media, email newsletters, and much more.
  5. Digital Marketing – let us take on the work necessary to promote your business via email, social media, and much more. 
  6. Planning / Constulation – let us put our decades of experience engaging audiences online and implementing organizational and operational change, to work for your business.  We can help you build and implement plans that help your website and your overall digital footprint, play an integral role in your business.


More Than Just Websites

MS Digital Solutions offers support for just about any web based system your business uses.  From user management to system integrations and implementations, tell us what systems you use that we can help lighten the load for.  These services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Business Email
  2. Email Marketing
  3. CRM
  4. Booking / calendaring systems
  5. Project Management tools

and much more.


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